Some progress at UN climate summit but more can be done

"...says Frances Fay, Head of Sustainability As signatories to the trillion tonnes communiqué we were pleased to see the progress made during the UN Climate Summit which took place... 

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Mars mission is a lifetime ambition...

...says Zac Trolley, AMEC's 'Mars One' candidate.The Mars One mission aims to establish a human settlement on Mars. It's been dubbed the 'Next Giant Leap for Mankind' and I'm very proud... 

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Our commitment to employee professional development is a marathon not a sprint

"...says Grace Baxter. It's great news that the UK's Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) has awarded AMEC its Long Running Scheme Award. Our relationship with them began... 

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Dealing with the energy trilemma in the US

How do power generation choices impact cost/reliability/environmental impact? asks Guy Winebrenner, Global Director - Clean EnergyThere is an 'energy trilemma' at the heart of the global... 

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AMECs helping hand for Polands power demand

Tom Jones says: I was delighted to attend a high-level discussion in Warsaw this week with the UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond to discuss British/Polish nuclear strategic co-operation.Organised... 

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Why 247 workshare works for us

Customers are benefiting from AMEC's globalisation explains Andy Ewens, Group Engineering Director...Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, someone, somewhere in AMEC is working on... 

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Travel broadens the mind and boosts your career

"...says Gerry Baker, Senior Project Director, KNPC New Refinery Project, KuwaitWhen I followed my father into British Steel in the 1970s little did I know that by now I'd be running one... 

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Good projects delivered through good assurance inspire trust...

... says Jim Lenton, Technical Director, Europe.Our basic aim in any piece of work, but in particular for a project where we build something, is for it to:Meet the cost as plannedMeet the... 

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The case for carbon capture

By James Watt, Process Engineering ManagerCarbon capture and storage (CCS) is again in the public eye, acknowledged recently by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as one... 

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Latelife management reduces offshore decommissioning costs...

...says Alan Johnstone,  Managing Director, Brownfield & Asset Management, EuropeKeeping North Sea oil platforms going as long as safely possible using new techniques such as EOR... 

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A long and proud history

Sue Scholes, Director of Communications, says:With AMEC approaching a new and exciting phase in its development, now would seem a good time to have a quick look back over the company's... 

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Why sustainability is important to us

Frances Fay, Head of Sustainability, explains... Last week we published AMEC's thirteenth sustainability report and although you would probably expect me to say this, I think it's... 

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Tapping into talent is key to our future...

...says Angie Jones, President of AMEC Academy.If you work in engineering you have probably heard of the 'skills gap'. The number of university students graduating in the right engineering... 

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Climate change is not going to go away

Samir Brikho, Chief Executive: Climate change has the potential to wreck livelihoods, stunt economic growth and change entire ecosystems says the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change... 

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More women in mining please...

... says Jules Brown, Mining Sector Lead - Environment, Australia.Over the last 10 years the number of women working in the Australian mining sector has increased thanks to improved working... 

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AMEC at the heart of fusion power for the future

Greg Willets, Consultancy Director, Nuclear Services: It's long been regarded as the holy grail of our energy future. Nuclear fusion, the process that powers the sun, has exercised the... 

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Does Davos Deliver

Samir Brikho, Chief Executive: Once a year Switzerland becomes much more than the sum of its chocolate, fondue, watches and banking sector! This week (21-25 January), presidents, prime... 

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Tackling the engineering skills challenge

 Tom Jones, Vice President, Nuclear Generation and Defence, Clean Energy Europe: Today at the Energy Choices conference in London, UK Energy Minister Michael Fallon announced AMEC's... 

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Our Oil and Gas UK award for People Development is just the tip of the iceberg

Will Serle, Group Human Resources Director: AMEC's recent win for People Development at the Oil & Gas UK awards really pleased me. We've been working hard for a long time to attract... 

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Water security one of the 21st Centurys biggest challenges

Michael Norton MBE, Global Director of Municipal Water: Water is fast becoming the planet's most precious natural resource "- its importance in ensuring we have enough energy and food cannot... 

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What it takes to be an effective leader

Samir Brikho, Chief Executive: Two weeks ago I shared these thoughts as a part of my regular update to AMEC employees. To be effective, I think we'd all agree that leaders need... 

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New radiation mapping technique will improve handling of radioactive materials

Dr Ahmed Aslam, Nuclear physics and neutronics consultant: When designing nuclear facilities it is important for engineers to know how much atomic radiation various internal systems... 

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Industry must learn to deal with harmful noise

Peter Grasby, Lead HVAC and acoustics engineer: Noise is unavoidable in many industries. The question is, how do we ensure it is dealt with responsibly to ensure human health is not... 

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Designing for safety on projects

Cees de Regt, Group Director of Process / Technical Safety: Inherently safer design' has been around for many years. But is there anything that can be done at the design stage to ensure... 

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UK business should get ready for stricter emission limits under the EU Industrial Emissions Directive

Keith Lawton, Associate Director: In January 2013 the UK Government begins implementing new European industrial emissions control legislation aimed at giving better protection... 

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