AMEC and National Grid Transco sign 280 million alliance contract


London, United Kingdom (11 February 2005) - AMEC plc, the international project management and services company, announces that it has secured an eight year alliance contract worth approximately £280 million from National Grid Transco ("NGT") to replace gas mains along the M1 corridor between Sheffield and Leicester.

"AMEC's proven alliancing expertise and our track record in delivering and maintaining assets over the long term ensured we were the right partner for NGT," said Sir Peter Mason, Chief Executive of AMEC. "We look forward to taking a lead role in ensuring the alliance shares best practice in programme management, safety, health and the environment, service delivery and community relations."

The work will be carried out by a joint AMEC and NGT alliance team, which will commence in Sheffield, Nottingham and Derby on 1 April 2005 and in Leicester a year later. The contract includes a possible extension for a further five years and is part of NGT's continued mains replacement programme.

AMEC has worked continuously for NGT and its predecessor companies for more than 50 years providing a range of services from large diameter pipelines through to the replacement of local distribution networks.

Over the last five years, AMEC has been undertaking substantial network renewal work in North London, East Anglia, South Wales and the West Midlands and last year it secured a further contract for Fulcrum Connections, part of NGT, to provide new gas mains and services to selected areas in the South West.

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