Response to Guardian article 12 March 2008


London, United Kingdom (12 March 2008) - AMEC's CEO, Samir Brikho, was interviewed by the Guardian on 11 March 2008 following the release of AMEC's full year results. Comments on the role of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) formed only a small part of what was a wide-ranging discussion.

For the avoidance of doubt, AMEC is not criticising the NDA. We recognise the importance of following a thorough, professional and proper process in the award of the Sellafield decommissioning contract. AMEC's concern is that any delay in the timetable could result in the UK losing the valuable nuclear expertise and technical skills we currently have.

Nuclear is a key component in AMEC's business and one in which we have had a presence for more than 40 years. AMEC is a member of a consortium that is bidding to manage and operate Sellafield. With our partners, Washington Group of the USA and AREVA of France, we believe we can offer the best opportunity for the development of Sellafield into a world class capability, able to export engineering expertise around the world.

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