AMEC alliance wins contract extension at Sellafield


London, United Kingdom (4 October 2013)- The UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has today confirmed its intention to extend Nuclear Management Partners' (NMP) role as the Parent Body at Sellafield for a further five years.
This is the first renewal of a contract which has the potential for further extension periods, subject to performance, up to a total life of 17 years. The value of the contract has not been announced.

Clive White, President of AMEC's European Clean Energy business, said: "Sellafield is the one of the world's most complex and challenging nuclear sites. NMP's learning curve over the first five years has been a steep one, with many accomplishments as well as areas for improvement.

"We will use the experience we have gained to ensure this programme continues to be carried out safely and effectively, delivering value for money to our customer and the UK taxpayer. We will be focused on accelerating the clean-up of the high hazard legacy ponds and silos, which are acknowledged as the priority area."

NMP, a consortium comprising three world-class nuclear specialists, AMEC, AREVA and URS, was first awarded the role of parent body organisation (PBO) in late 2008. As PBO, NMP owns the Sellafield Site Licence company, Sellafield Limited, which in turn manages and operates, on behalf of the NDA, the reprocessing and waste storage facilities at Sellafield, the former nuclear power stations Calder Hall and Windscale (all in West Cumbria), and an Engineering Design Centre at Risley in Cheshire.

AMEC's share of NMP revenues relate solely to recharges of costs of AMEC management working on the contract, whilst potential annual earnings will reflect AMEC's share of a dividend which is subject to performance against targets agreed with the NDA.

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