AMEC welcomes UK nuclear industrial strategy


London, United Kingdom, (26 March 2013) "- AMEC, the international engineering and project management company, has welcomed the nuclear industrial strategy announced today by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills (see

AMEC has been a major player in the international nuclear industry for over 60 years and works across the sector, from reactor design and maintenance through to waste management and decommissioning.

Clive White, President of AMEC's Clean Energy Europe business said: "AMEC welcomes this strategy, which recognises the crucial importance of a strong and growing British nuclear industry to support the domestic and international nuclear markets. 

"This vision and plan for the sector, developed between Government and industry, will help to ensure companies continue to drive high performance, develop their skills and contribute to the UK balance of trade, which in turn will lead to job creation and ensure the UK remains a world leader in the nuclear market."

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