AMEC announces cooperation with China National Nuclear Corporation


London, United Kingdom, (12 September 2014) "- AMEC, the international engineering and project management company, announces today the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) to co-operate across the civil nuclear sector, both in China and the UK.

The agreement will see CNNC and AMEC work together to secure global opportunities in new build, nuclear power plant operational support and lifetime extension and decommissioning and waste management.

"This is the first stage in what we hope will be a long-term relationship between British and Chinese companies in the field of nuclear energy," said Clive White, President of AMEC's Clean Energy Europe Business.

"This agreement will strengthen the co-operation between AMEC and CNNC across the nuclear sector. We will work together, for example, on new build programmes, both in the UK and internationally and also planning and strategy development for decommissioning nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities in China under the guidance of the Chinese government."

Clive added that AMEC was pleased to be part of the UK supply chain helping to encourage important investment in the UK nuclear industry and said: "This is of course early in our relationship with CNNC but I am confident that our complementary skills and expertise will bring benefits for both parties and play a key role in the development of the nuclear industry in the UK, China and in international markets."

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