AMEC goes the extra mile for Northumbrian Water


The Going the Extra Mile (GEM) Awards is an annual competition amongst supply chain partners run by Northumbrian Water, and following our success last year AMEC has again come away with a fantastic spread of wins.

AMEC won three categories, Customer Focus, Health and Safety and Team of the Year Award, with runner up prizes in Customer Focus, Environmental Sustainability and Individual Contribution Awards.

Northumbrian Water is the biggest client of our UK Environment & Infrastructure business, so it's a strong testament to the success of our long-standing relationship to be recognised in this way.

Winner of The Customer Focus Award was Peter Foskett, Jonathon Fisher and team for the Benfield Road Flooding Scheme project with runner up of Andy Mathieson, Jonathon Fisher and team for the Station Road Sewerage, Prudhoe project.

Winner of the Health and Safety Excellence Award was Susan Robinson and team for the New Winning Groundwater Pumping Station Man Entry Avoidance project.

Runner up in the Environmental Sustainability Award was Tom Lloyd, Richard Bywater and team for the Morpeth STW Upgrade project.

Winner of the Team of the Year Award: AMEC and other consultants and contractors, represented by Mark Lewis, Peter Greenfield and team for the Flooding Mitigation Programme. We were also runners up through Colin Waugh and the whole of the AMEC Networks team for the AMP5 Flooding Programme project.

Colin Waugh was the runner up in the Individual Contribution Award, having provided NWL with his technical experience for a long number of years up to his recent retirement.

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