AMEC JV awarded new Sellafield waste treatment contract


London, United Kingdom (29 September 2014) - AMEC, the international engineering and project management company, working in a joint venture with Jacobs Engineering Group and Balfour Beatty, announces today that it has been selected to deliver Sellafield's Box Encapsulation Plant (BEP) project in West Cumbria

The four-year reimbursable framework contract, awarded by Sellafield Limited, has a potential value range of between £240 million and £336 million and the joint venture partners will share the financial terms equally. Work is scheduled to begin immediately.

BEP is designed to treat Magnox reactor waste currently stored at Sellafield by containing it in concrete and getting it ready for long term storage.

AMEC Chief Executive Samir Brikho said: "AMEC has successfully delivered complex projects at Sellafield for over 50 years, during which we have played a key role in the development and delivery of many of the major waste treatment plants on the site.

"The BEP project is another significant nuclear waste management initiative in the programme to reduce the historic waste issues on Europe's most complex nuclear site."

Under the terms of the contract, the joint venture will deliver the complete life cycle of services to the project, which addresses the cleanup of one of the most hazardous legacy facilities on the Sellafield site; from project management, design, engineering, procurement, installation, and construction management through to inactive commissioning.

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